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Starlight Charcoal creates premium hookah coals with natural ingredients specifically for smoking the water pipe also known as hookah, arguile, narguile or shisha. Starlight Coals help to heat any flavored tobacco and allow you, the hookah smoker, to enjoy the full flavor of your hookah shisha. Environmentally friendly, natural products that are smokeless, unscented and spark free when lighting. Starlight charcoals also produce very little ash that could hinder your hookah experience. The next top instant light hookah charcoal. Starlight Coals can be lit quickly and easily using a simple lighter or torch and placed on top of foil covering the hookah bowl. The charcoal from Starlight coals can be classified as instant light charcoal because of its quick lighting capabilities. Each hookah coal should be burned all the way around so when you blow on the coal, a red glow covers the entire piece. This is to be sure all quick lighting materials are burned off before inhaling shisha smoke.

33mm charcoal tablets are great for quick, short hookah sessions ranging from 25-35 minutes. The Starlight Charcoal 33mm box contains 10 rolls of 10 33mm charcoals totaling 100 quick light charcoal tabs

Brand Starlight
Style Quicklighting Charcoal
Shape Round Tablet
Size 33mm Box - Ten Rolls / One Hundred Individual Charcoals Per Box
Country of Manufacture China
Burning Time 25-35 minutes per charcoal